In the last years Fernando has developed a teaching program designed to be an accessible teaching method for different levels.


The program covers the following topics:

First contacts with the handpan:

  • Basic playing techniques
  • Rhythmic awareness
  • Basic melodic patterns
  • Exercises to coordinate the dominant and non-dominant hands

Expand your handpan repertoire and your options:

  • Advanced playing techniques
  • Flageolets
  • Learning and revising repertoire of famous handpan pieces
  • Further development of rhythms - traditional world rhythms transposed to handpan
  • Time signatures
  • Chords and arpeggios
  • Compose your own pieces


Develop your musicality:

  • Introduction to music theory
  • Use of chords and chord progressions
  • Hand independence
  • Polyrhythms
  • Jam with other musical instruments

This study program is supported with video, audio and written material.


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