Fernando Lyra is a luzo-brazilian multi-instrumentist based in Heidelberg, Germany. Starting his musical path with the saxophone and clarinet in the age of 18, Fernando had soon after an access to different expressions of worldwide sonorities through foreigner acquaintances, his own travels and his graduation in Musicology.


Multiplying himself into different music expressions and instruments, Fernando learned and developed techniques in various percussions and woodwind musical instruments as the handpan, kaval, ney, darbouka, def, pandeiro, didgerido, jaw harps, asalato, cajon, hulusi among others.

Having perfomed in various stages across Europe, he also focalised different workshops and masterclasses on different instruments, as the didgerido, pandeiro, handpan, overtone singing and indian rhythmic language.

Furthermore, Fernando is teaching handpan through a progressive program in collaboration with Soundsculptures Shop, based in Mainz and individual lessons in Heidelberg.


Fernando has recorded 4 studio albums. His most recent released work is "Emajamaa Duo," recorded in 2020.

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Fernando has 4 released EP’s : “Boreal Summer,” “Travels in the Now,” “Emajamaa Duo,” and “Nirvana Gym.”

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